Extracts and comments from three new works entitled Historel 2 :


and many other sources ......

Our aim is not to copy, nor to reproduce whole texts but to emphasise :

Many points are fundamentally similar and even predate those mentioned in the Bible, however this does not mean that the Bible message is without value. On the contrary Egyptian religion is like a mother from which many of our present day religions and beliefs are descended. The Ancient Egyptian books (and particularly those of theOld kingdom) reveal great wisdom, and emphasise human behaviour directed by individual CONSCIENCE in the family and in society.

These admirable assessments of souls who qualify as "pure" reveal egyptian society as tolerant, closer to real life, and more concerned with true justice and the constant need to act in truth. In short it constitutes the Search for Perfection which is the basis of all true religion.

The women and young girls were admirable in their semi-nakedness as they moved in society without giving offence and at no risk of provoking unwanted attention. Times have changed and so have men...


Extract from the "Livre du Jour et de la Nuit" from the ceiling of Ramses VI funeral chamber.

The Goddess Nout (the sky) swallows the sun at night and brings it back to life in the morning. Apart from the solar barques.... one can see many souls waiting to go up to heaven by means of symbolic ladders which lead them to the arms of Nout, the Goddess of the sky.


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