Extracts from the 'Book of the Dead' :

Third part : Transformation :


In the third part, the dead, (having regenerated their souls), travel in "space-time", reaching the palace of Atoum in the holy city of Heliopolis . Although the 'Texts of the Sarcophagi' mention about "60 transformations" of the of the dead though several different aspects, chapters 76 and 88 only mention 12, (comparable to the 12 hours that Re travels during the day).

CHAPTER 64 - How the saved soul is raised and transformed like an eternal spirit, just like that of God. The soul of the blest N. says :


CHAPTER 69 - Formula to coming forth into the day :

CHAPTER 70 - Formula for coming forth into the day, the words of Osiris N = the soul in bliss:

CHAPTER 72 - Formula for coming forth into the day (Continued):

CHAPTER 76 - The way to become any aspect that you may desire; the words of N.:

CHAPTER 77 - The way to become like the golden Falcon (Re in the morning)

CHAPTER 78 (CH. 77 cont.) :

CHAPTER 79. The Way to join the company of the gods and become the lord of the divine assembly. Words of N:

CHAPTER 83 - The way to become like the phoenix:

CHAPTER 85 - The way to become a living soul - the words of N.

CHAPTER 92 - the way for the Soul to open the tomb to let in the shadow of N. , so that it may go forth into the day.

CHAPTER 97 - The words to say:


CHAPTER 109 - Knowing the souls of the East, the words of N. :

CHAPTER 110 - N. in the countryside of bliss:

CHAPTER 122 - Words to go home to the sky having left the earth. Words spoken by the spirit N.

CHAPTER 123 - Words to accede to the Great Castle. Words spoken by the spirit N.

CHAPTER 124 - Words to Reach Osiris's Assembly.

CHAPTER 125 - N.'s declaration of innocence according to the Nu Papyrus (Budge p. 240-252): 

  1. 1. Do you know the name of this gate ? So Osiris N. the fortunate one answers:
    - 'Shu' is the name of this gate.
  2. Do you know the name of this threshold ?
    - Master of Strength, who is on his own two legs.
  3. Do you know the name of the lintel?
    -Master of strength who brings in the cattle.

    Anubis answers "enter since you have given the three answers, Osiris N."



Words to be said when acceding to the room of the two Maats (Isis and Hathor) :

To separate the spirit N. from the sin that it has committed and enable it to see the gods:

- I have not committed iniquity against men,
- I have not mistreated people,
- I committed no sins in the Place of Truth,
- I have done no harm…
- I did not "blaspheme" God,
- I did not impoverish the poor in their belongings,
- I did not do what is abominable to the gods…
- I have not afflicted and made the people weep,
- I have not starved anyone (but have fed instead),
- I did not kill or order killings,
- I have harmed no one,
- I did not soil the gods' bread,
- I did not steal the holy wafers belonging to the fortunate ones (of the sky),
- I was not a pederast,
- I did not Reduce my bushel, (my scales were fair),
- I did not add to the weight of my scales,
- I did not cheat on the measurement of lands,
- I did not steal milk from the mouths of small children,
- I did not deprive cattle of its pasture,
- I did not steal the gods' birds and fish,
- I did not divert water when there was a flood,
- I did not put out a fire which burned brightly,
- I did not forget the days for offering meat,
- I did not oppose a god during a procession,

I am pure, I am pure, I am pure! My purity is that of the Grand Phoenix at Heracleopolis, as I am the nose of the Master of the winds who makes all men live in this, the day of the Filling of the Eye at Heliopolis…


Let us return to the three major Cosmologies (Egyptian theologies of Creation):

Words spoken by the spirit N. :

" Oh four baboons who are seated in the bow of Re's barque, who offer fairness to the Master of the universe, who separate the weak from the strong, who give joy to the gods and the fortunate ones by giving them funeral offerings, they who live by drinking in justice, they whose hearts are free from lies and whose abomination is sin:

-Purify me, remove my wrongdoings, wash away my sins…

- Come! We will remove your wrongdoings, we will erase your sins, we cast away everything that was wrong in you. Enter into Roseatu and come in through the mysterious doors of the West. Like the other elected fortunate ones, you will be able to come and go as it pleases you, and you will be called every day beside the horizon. "


CHAPTER 127 - N.'s entrance into the palace of Douat:


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