Extracts from the book of the Dead :

Second part : Regeneration :


The second part of the Book of the Dead is devoted to the resurrection of the dead; this is accomplished at dawn, as the sun is returning from the nightly journey.

CHAPTER 17  - 17 "I am Atoum-Re, the great God. I created myself.

Yesterday belongs to me and I do know all about tomorrow. I AM the Phoenix of Heliopolis, who knows all that exists…The umbilical cord of N. is severed, my sins have disappeared; all that was impure in me is destroyed forever. I am on the path towards the Isle of the Just.

CHAPTER 18  Words of Osiris N.


A long prayer of incantations follows, calling for the intercession of the God Thot, ending thus:

Note : This text was written at least 2,000 years before the Evangelists wrote about the Transfiguration and Resurrection of Christ!

CHAPTER 21 - How to ask for one's voice from the soul of Osiris N. :

CHAPTER 29 - Asking for the preservation of the hearts of those who are just :

(Osiris N. ) in the empire of the Dead says :


[Image]     [Image]

One the left: a picture of the temple of Kom Ombo rebuilt by the Romans in the third century. In this picture, showing a devotee offering gifts to the king and queen, we can already see the fading of the hieroglyphic writing.

On the right: the steps of the Edfu temple (the seat of Horus), where we see the souls seeming to come out of the walls to fly up the staircase up into the sky...

CHAPTER 55 - How to draw breath in the Empire of the Dead. Words said by the soul of N:


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