4.  The Maid-servants and Egyptian Art:


On the left a girl in a boat; on the right a servant helps three noblewomen with their jewelry…


These 2 drawings are from the tomb of Nakht (XVIIIth dynasty) -in the Necropole of Cheikh Abd el-Gourna.


The delicate problem of servants and slaves...



In these 2 pictures servants are occupied with their mîstress (and her guests...)

Art and a glimpse of Egyptian treasures


[Image]     [Image]

On the right : an alabaster chalice, a treasure from the tomb of Tutenkhamon - Exhibited at the Cairo Museum.
On the left: a royal necklace from the New Empire, with the winged scarab Khepri, symbol of the raising sun.


[Image]   [Image]

Egypt was a country rich in gold and precious stones.
2600 years BC, there were turquoise mines at Wadi Maghava in the Sinai desert.




More art from Ancient Egypt : a vase and and a boat of albaster, exhibited at Cairo Museum.


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