2. " Daily life in Ancient Egypt "


The family of Inerkhaou with his 4 daughters - Tomb N° 359 in the Valley of the Nobles.
He was in charge of the work done by the Master of the Two Earths (the King) in the Place of Truth


                                                                                                               "Do you want to play ball with me?"  

  And marriage ?  It seems to be almost an outdated custom.... yet 3500 years ago,
couples were united in life, and lay together in tombs on their way to life in the hereafter…

  • Life on earth passes quickly; happy is the one who is without sin, because even
    a million men cannot be of service to the Master of the Two-Earths when they
    are sinners; whereas the memory of good men lives for ever!
  • Know that Patience is good, construct your life so that LOVE is your inspiration.
  • The Judges of the final court of the beyond will examine a life as if it were but one hour...

  • Purify yourself and go to the temple, receive communion of the sacred bread

  • Practice justice as long as you are on this earth; comfort those who weep.
    Do not oppress the widows and the orphans. (These are words which will
    resonate later in the Bible).

Papyrus at the Hermitage Museum, Copenhagen. An Extract from the Teachings for Mikare (2100 BC).

Two very devoted couples (among many others!...)


On the left, the Inherkhaou couple, (tomb n° 359); on the right the Sennedjem couple, (tomb n°1).

Excerpt from the wisdom of Ptahhotep - the governor and vizier of the South:

If you are wise look after your home; love your woman completely.
Fill her stomach, clothe her body and care for her.
Caress her, fulfill her desires throughout your life together.
Don't be cruel; sweetness will nurture your woman better than violence

True happiness within her heart is what she expects of you.
It is YOUR LOVE that brings happiness to the house. If you
neglect her, it will be a great tragedy for her...

Open your arms so that she can shelter herself there; tell her and
show her your LOVE...

(Taken from the Papyrus of Ptahhotep : 2563 to 2423 BC.)

Harvesting and extracting the juice of the grapes...

Tomb of Nakht - scribe, priest and astronomer of the Amon XVIII dynasty.

Maxims of the scribe Any to his son (about 1260 BC).

Do not treat your woman roughly in your house; then you will know that she will be happy. Full of joy, put your hand in hers ; do not be one of those men who bring unhappiness to their home, because they will find it difficult to manage their household.

Excerpt from the papyrus preserved in the Musee of Boulacq.

An Egyptian orchard, a family working in the wheat fields...



Fishing and hunting amongst the rushes and lotus flowers


Here we see a partially restored picture from tomb n°69 of the scribe of the land of Menna,  
(at Thebes - the Valley of the Nobles)


Remember that God is the Shepherd of humanity and his heart is unaware of evil.

If his herd strays, he spends all the day finding it again.

In truth, he brings the hearts of men to him by the fruit of his love for them...

Savings of Iouper (Middle Empire - preserved currently at the Museum of Leyde)


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