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Do you like poetry and beautiful images to dream by? Come and see our selection of 100 poems and songs chosen from famous French literature, and classified according to the differing themes of life. Pass some pleasant hours in the company of the greatest poets of our language. In addition, we offer you a small unpublished gift : 30 contemporary poems composed by the author of Historel sites.


The number of daily visitors sometimes approaches 50, so the10,000 mark should be cleared toward the end of October ( just 1 year after the meter started), or perhaps in the beginning of November. At that time, Historel will offer a CD-ROM to the happy 10,000th visitor. So that they do receive their gift, we invite the visitor merely to contact us at our e-mail address (here) or at the bottom of the index page. However, no one claims this gift, we also invite those whose visit is very near to the number 10,000 to contact us, but only the closest will be the winner... Verification will be made using the detailed data of visitors to the site by Nedstat. Those that don't win this time can already get ready for the contest that we will organize before the end of the year, when we shall give more than one prize...


The authors of the Historel sites have now subscribed to reach Internet by cable. Even though this unlimited access was delayed, it has been in effect since October 5. This access will give a new dimension to communications with Historel; not only, an access by ICQ will be put in place (in the next few days) but also a better exchange with colleagues, some of whom have done work complementary with ours. We will keep you informed of these developments.


The Zewoc operation has been a success since at the time of the involvement of Historel (global) in the mini hit-parade (in the last week of July). The number of readers to our sites nearly doubled, and we invite our friends to continue to participate in the promotion of our sites with two events at Zewoc in the Fall. A first promotion should take place in mid-September, (the week of the 13 to 20th) for the site of ancient Egypt, and one second will take place mid-October, to show off our new Middle Ages site, that will be then more colorful. In addition the main editor of Zewoc promised us inserts in its new categories of news. Business continues!


When one knows the important part played by English-speaking readers in the world on the Internet, we are happy to announce that the entire Egypt site (including our 9 geographical maps on the ancient Egypt) is now available on Internet in the English language. We also thank our devoted translator Carole Harrington of Canada that is already translating the texts concerning the Orient: the evolution of the religions of Mesopotamia, Assyria, Persia and the ancient history of India 's religions.


Discover more than 5 centuries of European history of the Middle Ages (you can access this from the menu of Historel sites). You will discover the main European dynasties, the prominent events of this period,: several interesting plans of battle in the Crusades, the war of a hundred years, the mysteries of Joan of Arc, the Spanish Inquisition, the discovery of the New World and even the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. All through this site, we emphasize the enormous influence of the Roman clergy (of the time) on kings and various periods of the European history. Note that these next few weeks, this site will be in a phase of flux since the author is going to add numerous illustrations again, as well as a chapter on the Cathedrals of France and the World.


Following an advice of an Internet friend, we asked Nedstat to follow precisely the number of visitors to the main page, as well as information about their origin. You can see this data byclicking on the small icon below our meter of visitors . A small detail, it is that this Nedstat indicator does not take into account the visitors that consult the main page of Historel, whereas that of AOL (above) counts the visitors to the Egypt sites (French and English, without passing by the main menu).


200 days after its installation (14 May 1998), the meter of Historel had counted 4,750 visitors, which means that the number of visits in these last 100 days passed the 25 visitors per day mark. About 10 days later, Historel received its 5,000th visitor. We thank all those who came to consult our pages and we promise to continue to update our sites to give them even more pleasant reading, richer in information on various proposed themes and in color illustrations .The meter reminds you that towards the end of the year when Historel should have its 10,000th visitor to whom we will give a gift. All this thanks to Nedstat !


Read an excerpt of the site "Christ" - The Work of Jesus and the first Christians in the CD-ROM of the magazine *.NET (number 18 - May 98). You may read this without needing to be connected to the Internet. These chapters are from the second part of the Christ site, and tells of Jesus' work, the passion and resurrection, and also of the life of the Apostles after the ascension, in the historic context of the first Century.


In order to better to answer to the needs of the main users of Internet, we decided to improve the presentation of the introduction of Historel by the incorporation of Frames (or settings) permitting you to pass more quickly from one place to the next in Historel.


Recover the Herod site in the cédérom of the magazine *.NET (number 16 - March 98). Discover without needing to either be connected to the Internet, the history of Palestine one Century before Christ. These testimonies are based on chronicles of Flavius Josèphe, and will retrace for you the lives of the main characters of this period: Augustus octavius, Herod the Great, Cleopatra, Caesar, Agrippa as well as an appendix concerning Flavius Josephus and Vespasien.


Recover the Orient site in the CD-ROM of the magazine *.NET (number 15 - February 98). Discover without needing to be connected, the history of the different ancient Asian Religions, of Mesopotamia, Babylonia, Assyria, Persia and India. With many pictures and illustrations (rights reserved by the authors), you will be able to better understand the spiritual evolution of the Asian continent in the ancient world.


In the beginning of the year, the main news is that the general menu of Historel facilitates your access to our different sites and your contact with us. We wish to bring you more information concerning our activities and our partners, and we have created different interactive sites also where you will be able to send us your suggestions and messages, which we will try to answer if we can !