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Date : 04/08/98 00:58:08
From: atisha@club-internet.fr (Corbineau olivier)
Bravo for your very interesting site which I found enthralling; and thank you for giving work of such value to the Web... keep on!


Date : 31/07/98 22:25:17
From: christophe@zenon-media.com (Greisberger Christophe)
Very interesting site. But I am not convinced of the existence of Atlantis-- one doesn't find any remains in the Mediterranean, and yet I would like to believe that it did exist ! However, the description of an atomic explosion in texts Hindu is exciting. Were there studies made in India ? For example, research of sites showing traces of radioactivity ?

Christophe Greisberger


Date : 07/07/98 17:35:43
From: mfpaya@club-internet.fr (PAYA Marc François)
Hello and bravo for this beautiful site. I am especially fascinated by Imhotep, a very extraordinary man! How can I procure the book of your site (Imhotep, an extraordinary man, - 1st part) ?


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