HISTOREL : The History of Religion 



The hidden origins of the great Religions




 the appearance

of a cult to the 

Invisible and

Eternal God


 This short GUIDE will help you to understand the evolution of spirituality
 through the ages, through different political systems and cultural climates.

 The beginnings and CHANGES in human spirituality are plotted and
 classified in chronological order  (the important events are highlighted in
 red to emphasize the periods of intense spirituality), along with the rulers
 who used their power to pursue or influence this path.

 Currently several sites are available :

  • The religious history of ANCIENT Egypt and the Orient :
    of Mesopotamia, Assyria, Babylonia, Persia and India.
  • The history of Herod the Great, and the life of Jesus of Nazareth,
    the 2000th anniversary of his birth we shall be celebrating shortly.
  • A research into the common points between the BIBLE and the
    KORAN - this could be one way toward Ecumenism.

 You will discover a strange, mysterious man named Imhotep, (he who
 comes in peace). He is considered to be the FATHER of OUR CIVILI-
 SATION, who introduced to the world a new stimulus in the fields of
 medicine, astronomy, literature, science and architecture : (he built the
 first pyramid). He reformed religion by establishing the worship of Atoum-
 Re, the supreme, onmipresent and invisible God, who offers deserving
 souls new life beyond the grave. 

We invite you to make this fantastic JOURNEY in time.

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