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Preface and Message from the Authors
The Birth of Jesus Christ

  1. Zachariah's vision at the temple
  2. An angel at Nazareth
  3. The Magnificat
  4. The birth of John the Baptist
  5. The monks of the Dead Sea
  6. The world's first Christmas
  7. Today's Christmas
  8. Herod the Great and the legend of the wise kings
  9. The presentation of Jesus in the temple

    The Childhood of Jesus Christ

  10. The succession of Herod the Great
  11. Nazareth
  12. The child Jesus
  13. Jesus in the Temple at the age of 12
  14. The hidden life of Jesus
  15. Jesus' Family in the Scriptures
  16. The mission of John the Baptist

    The Beginning of the Ministry

  17. Birth and dating of Jesus' Ministry
  18. Waiting for the Messiah
  19. Jesus' retreat and the temptations
  20. Jesus at Nazareth
  21. The lake of Gennesaret
  22. The arrest of John the Baptist
  23. The first disciples

    First Works and The World Of Jesus  

  24. The wedding at Cana
  25. Jesus ejects the traders from the Temple
  26. Jesus' Miracles on the Sabbath
  27. The universe and man
  28. A light in our world
  29. The rivers of living water
  30. The bread of life
  31. The earth, the seed and the sky

    The Path to Eternal Life

  32. To be born again in the spirit
  33. The 3 forms of baptism
  34. In the likeness of the angels
  35. To gain "eternal life"
  36. "The good shepherd"
  37. A Father in Heaven

    The True Love of Christ

  38. The forgiveness of the Father
  39. The Kingdom of Heaven
  40. The power of Heaven
  41. A new commandment: "To love"
  42. The art of loving
  43. Mount Tabor in Galilee

    The Ten Beatitudes

  44. The Ten Beatitudes:
    • Beatitude 1: "Blessed are you that hunger now"
    • Beatitude 2: "Blessed are the poor in spirit"
    • Beatitude 3: "Blessed are the poor"
      • The extremely poor
      • The new poor
      • Charity in the Old Testament
      • Charity in the New Testament
    • Beatitude 4: "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness"
      • The righteousness of God in the Old testament
      • The story of the adulterous woman
      • The righteousness of men
    • Beatitude 5: "Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake"
    • Beatitude 6: "Blessed are you that weep now"
    • Beatitude 7: "Blessed are the meek"
    • Beatitude 8: "Blessed are the merciful"
    • Beatitude 9: "Blessed are the peacemakers"
    • Beatitude 10: "Blessed are the pure in heart"

    The Core of Jesus Ministry

  45. The children
  46. The scandal
  47. John the Baptist's death
  48. Multiplying the fishes and loaves

    Women and Jesus

  49. Women
    • Women in the Old Testament
    • Jesus and the women of his time
    • Mary Magdalene and the commentary of Luke
    • 3 miracles given to women
    • Today's women
    • The eternity and the stars
  50. Martha and Mary at Bethany

    Domination by Rome

  51. The years 30-40AD in Rome
  52. The taxations on the Jews
    • Direct taxation
    • Indirect taxation
    • Religious taxation

    Jesus Miracles and the opposition from the Jewish religious leaders  

  53. The miracles of Jesus :
    • Miracles with natural elements
    • Healing in Palestine
    • Miracles with non-Jewish people
    • Reflection concerning the miracles
  54. The 3 resurrections by Jesus
  55. The transfiguration
  56. The Samaritans:
    • Historical summary about Samaria
    • Jesus and the Samaritan people
    • Jesus and "the Samaritan woman"
  57. The 3 Jewish attempts of murder on Jesus
  58. Jesus and the Jewish religious leaders

    Jesus before His Death

  59. The triumphant arrival into Jerusalem
  60. Jerusalem's fall and the end of the world
    • Prophecies concerning the fall of Jerusalem
    • Prophecies on the end of the world
    • The day and the hour
    • Parables on the end of the world
  61. The Last Supper
    • Preparation of the last Passover
    • Judas leaves the table
    • The first communion
    • The washing of the disciples' feet
    • The predictions about Peter
    • John and the Passover message
    • The sacerdotal prayer
  62. A night on the Mount of Olives
  63. The Trials of Jesus of Nazareth
    • Jesus before the Sanhedrin
    • Jesus before Pontius Pilate
    • Jesus before Herod Antipas
    • Jesus brought back to Pilate

    The Passion of Jesus

  64. Pontius Pilate
  65. Dying and love
  66. The burial
  67. The passion of a mother
  68. Mary, mediator of men

    The Resurrection and the Ascension of Jesus Christ

  69. The resurrection of Jesus Christ
    • Chronology after the resurrection
    • The first day of the week
    • Eight days after
    • Jesus' appearance at the lake of Galilee
    • Reflection on the apparitions
  70. The Ascension and the Pentecost

    The Post-Jesus and The Life of the First Christians

  71. The Apostles' life after Whitsun
  72. The first Christian persecution
  73. Rome and the first Christians
  74. Rome and the Jewish revolts
  75. Ephesus and the last apostle
  76. Roman testimonies about Christ


    Map of Jerusalem of the time
    Geographical map of Palestine in 30 AD
    Jewish calendar compared to the Christian calendar


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